Contract Mechanisms

Contract Mechanisms

GSA LogWorld

GSA AdvantageGSA LogWorld provides cost-effective support at the touch of the keyboard. OEM-certified personnel are available any time, specializing in a spectrum of service and repairs support – including Preventative Maintenance Checks and Service (PMCS) to prolong vehicle life.

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Defense Logistics Agency

A spectrum of Oshkosh Defense® service parts is available through the DLA supply system. Oshkosh parts are maintained at required inventory levels to ensure the highest quality of components are available whenever they are needed.

Contractor Logistics Support

Through an advanced Contractor Logistics Support package, Oshkosh technicians maintain vehicles across the globe, throughout the entire life-cycle. This seamless integration between military requisitions and Oshkosh ordering systems saves time, money and resources while granting convenient access to international dealer networks and regional support centers.