MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle

M-ATV Base Upgrade

M-ATV Base UpgradeM-ATV Base UpgradeM-ATV Base UpgradeM-ATV Base Upgrade

Mobile. Survivable. Adaptable.

Oshkosh Defense® M-ATV Base Upgrade.

The Oshkosh® M-ATV base upgrade takes the maneuverability and survivability of the standard M-ATV and ratchets it up. With upgrades that can be retrofitted to existing M-ATVs, the M-ATV base upgrade accommodates more needs of military personnel and helps them fulfill even more missions safely and successfully. Incorporating rugged, durable, patented components such as the TAK-4® independent suspension system and other battle-proven technologies, the M-ATV base upgrade provides unsurpassed mobility, protection and reliability on every mission as well as upgrades to further aid in mission success.

  • Larger windshield for improved visibility
  • Rear cargo access door, hood steps and hand holds
  • Improved spotlights and IR driving lights
  • Larger, more accessible exterior storage boxes
  • Mounts for HEED bottles