Ratcheting Performance And Safety Up A Couple Notches.

Oshkosh Defense® HMMWV Recap.

Today’s battlefield brings a new set of payload, performance and protection demands. Oshkosh Defense® HMMWV Recapitalization is the solution. At the heart is the Oshkosh® TAK-4® independent suspension system. An integrated driveline solution, it delivers extreme performance through superior suspension travel, vehicle stability, ride height and ride quality. It also restores payload capacity to allow the addition of underbody armor solutions. And Oshkosh can upgrade, add or delete equipment to meet your profile requirements or budget.

  • TPER (Theater Provided Equipment Refurbishment): Changeout of mandatory replacement parts and critical repairs near the front line
  • RESET: Truck is rebuilt to a “zero mile, zero hour” condition for substantially less than the cost of new
  • RETROFIT: Components such as axles and suspension are replaced with technology solutions such as Oshkosh Defense TAK-4® independent suspension
  • RECAP: Truck is rebuilt with advanced technologies while preserving key core systems such as the armor kit

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