We are passionate about what we do. We know that the products and services we engineer, manufacture, market and service make a difference in people’s lives. There’s no doubt that our expectations are high, but we also provide the support and encouragement to achieve your personal goals and our company’s objectives.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages initiative and rewards progressive thinking.

We take a hands-on approach. You’re just as likely to find our engineers testing a new model in the mud, as behind their desks. You’ll find our purchasing professionals on the assembly line talking with production managers as well as on the phone with suppliers.

We are a team, working together toward a common goal. Oshkosh’s culture fosters teamwork, whether through formalized work teams, informal project teams or simply finding the right people to get the job done.

We are respected leaders in our industries – defense, fire and emergency, refuse collection and concrete placement. You have the opportunity to work with dedicated, intelligent people who accept nothing less than perfection, because that’s what our customers deserve.

We treat each other with dignity, respect and fairness. We appreciate the diversity of our work force and the uniqueness of each employee. All individuals are valued, without regard to gender, ethnic or educational background.

We are focused on our customers. We are grounded in the belief that providing outstanding value to our customers is the only road to long-term success. We demonstrate that every day by engineering and building customized products that meet their needs. By pushing customer-related decisions to their most basic level. By developing cutting-edge technologies. And, by providing excellent service and support.


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