Core1080™ Crew Protection System Spotlight Photo

Optimizing survivability. Saving lives.

Oshkosh Defense® Core1080™ Crew Protection System

Core1080™ Crew Protection System logoCrew protection, survivability and mission readiness are not just about bolting layers of armor on to a truck. Optimizing a vehicle for life-threatening missions requires a full system engineering approach to integrate every element of the vehicle.

Proven to increase survivability and give troops the confidence they need as they complete their missions outside the wire, the Oshkosh Core1080™ comprehensive approach to crew protection leaves no weak link. From blast mitigation, advanced suspensions and drivetrains, integrated C4ISR and beyond – Core1080 has them covered.

Based on decades of battlefield experience, our Core1080 experts apply combat-proven systems and technologies to the design of every Oshkosh wheeled vehicle. Bumper to bumper. Ceiling to floor. Side to side. Every component and technology works in sync to protect the crew, optimize readiness and effectively complete every mission.

Go Anywhere

  • Best-in-class suspension and ride quality
  • Lightweight solutions for increased mobility
  • Engine (speed/power-to-weight ratio)
  • High output power sources

Do Anything

  • Small signature (visual, thermal, electromagnetic)
  • Silent watch power systems
  • Gunner protection kit
  • Weapons systems integration
  • Fully integrated C4ISR (situational awareness, IED defeat, jammers)

Be Protected

  • Capsule design
  • Bolt-on armor materials
  • Energy absorbing floor and seats
  • Wheel zone blast deflectors
  • Seat restraints and stowage
  • Optimized crew location
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems

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