Fleet Modernization - Recapitalization

Quickly Upgrade Fleets With The Latest Configurations And Technologies.

Fleet Modernization – Recapitalization

Oshkosh® recapitalization services upgrade vehicles to the latest configurations, quickly returning them to operation with the same performance and life cycle cost advantage of a new vehicle. Vehicles come off the line in zero-mile, zero-hour condition.

  • Fleet recapitalization is typically 25 percent less than the cost of a new vehicle
  • Recaps upgrade vehicles to current operational readiness with the same performance and life cycle cost advantages of a new vehicle, including a new bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Recapitalization allows the integration of new technologies, including brighter headlights, four-point seatbelts, air ride suspension and improved armor protection
  • Lean strategies help reduce vehicle life cycle costs

U.S. Army Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles (FHTV) Success
Oshkosh has remanufactured nearly 12,000 FHTVs, including Oshkosh Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) and Palletized Load Systems (PLS) for the U.S. Army since 1995.

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