Fleet Modernization - RESET

Return Vehicles To Like-New Condition, After Years Of Serving In Extreme Missions

Fleet Modernization – Reset

After years of powering over miles of mud, rock and road while hauling maximum payloads, most vehicles are ready for an overhaul. Oshkosh® RESET service standardizes fleet configurations, ensuring the platform is mission-ready.

  • Oshkosh or in-theater RESET solutions
  • RESET restores vehicles to like-new condition with proven repair kits
  • RESET capabilities include a wide variety of repair kits, such as brakes, steering, engine and transmission assemblies, as well as numerous upgrade and auxiliary kits
  • Rapid turnaround times to support readiness levels
  • Refurbished over 2,000 heavy and line haul fleet vehicles within four years in Kuwait

Oshkosh® MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) RESET Success

Oshkosh worked with the U.S. Army to RESET 1,260 M-ATVs. After comprehensive inspections, we completed repairs, replaced missing parts and installed a spectrum of upgrade kits (including the Underbody Improvement Kit (UIK), upgraded automatic fire extinguishing systems (AFES), among others)) to bring the fleet up to the current configurations.

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