Oshkosh Finishing Services incorporates innovation and expertise into every production assembly. Whether fabricating proprietary fixture designs internally or engineering specialized tools on-site, our assembly system consistently delivers exact tolerances and specifications.

Our assembly experts also provide services from sub-assembly for small components to full-electro-mechanical assembly for complex parts. These comprehensive and efficient services ensure that Oshkosh provides vehicles on time and on budget. Oshkosh Assembly is the long-lasting solution for environments that demand precision and expertise.

Precise, flexible production.

  • Production incorporates a Torque Monitoring System that signals operator when correct torque value is applied
  • Advanced direct current (DC) tooling
  • In-house engineers design and fabricate specialized assembly jigs, fixtures and tools to accommodate parts of all shapes and sizes
  • Gauge and calibration labs monitor the precision of each assembly to ensure high quality standards

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