Classroom Training

Classroom Training

Build Your Vehicle Expertise Before Getting To The Battlefield.


Confidence in your skills mean everything on the battlefield. Oshkosh certified trainers guide students through operation and maintenance instruction to help ensure your fleet maintains readiness. Using a blended instructional approach, our experts lead classroom and hands-on activities to maximize learner comprehension.

The Vehicle Training Solutions at Oshkosh

  • Oshkosh Learning Management System (LMS) offers customizable training programs including e-Learning solutions
  • Every training program is structured using measurable learning and performance objectives to ensure skillset comprehension
  • Standard and customized courses for vehicles across the entire Oshkosh vehicle portfolio, as well as non-Oshkosh vehicles and technologies

Private and custom classes are also available at the Oshkosh Product Training Facility or at your location. Contact us at 920.233.9331 for more information.

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