Multi-Mission Recovery SystemMMRS Demonstrator

Multi-Mission Recovery SystemMulti-Mission Recovery SystemMulti-Mission Recovery SystemMulti-Mission Recovery System

Breakthrough Performance for Extreme Recovery Missions.

Oshkosh Defense® Multi-Mission Recovery System (MMRS)

Innovative design has broken the mold for heavy-duty performance once more: introducing the Oshkosh Defense® Multi-Mission Recovery System. Based on the combat-proven LVSR platform, the Multi-Mission Recovery System stands as the only retrieval vehicle of its kind. Exceptional performance capabilities include the retrieval and towing of MRAPs, as well as the largest tactical wheeled vehicles. All-wheel drive and the Oshkosh TAK-4® independent suspension system provide superior traction and mobility as overturned and severely damaged vehicles are returned to base.

Integrating the levels of protection required on the modern battlefield, the Multi-Mission Recovery System shields operators with enhanced undercab protection while allowing vehicles to be lifted and positioned within the safety of the cab. With breakthroughs in maneuverability, survivability and overall performance, the Multi-Mission Recovery System optimizes vehicle retrieval and personnel protection for today’s demanding recovery missions.

  • Integrated Crew Protection System offers the latest in undercab blast protection technology
  • TAK-4® fully independent suspension system for superior off-road mobility
  • All-wheel drive (10×10) with four-axle steering for enhanced maneuverability
  • Jerr-Dan® 50-ton (45359 kg) rotating boom extends over 41 feet (12.5 m)
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