Medium Tactical Vehicle ReplacementMTVR 4x4 Short Bed Cargo

MTVR 4x4 Short Bed CargoMTVR 4x4 Short Bed Cargo

Short Bed. Long-Term Reliability.

Oshkosh Defense® MTVR 4×4 Short Bed Cargo.

The Oshkosh® Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) 4×4 short bed cargo is the mobile, versatile and durable vehicle for moving all types of cargo across any type of terrain. Engineered with battle-proven advanced technologies like the TAK-4® independent suspension system and the Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system, it offers the highest degree of performance time after time. Built to go over the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, the MTVR short bed cargo is extremely reliable, providing consistent and powerful performance on every mission.

  • 10 foot (3 m) body with ISO locks, bulk cargo tie downs, troop seats and cover
  • Ability to climb 60 percent grade
  • TAK-4® independent suspension for extreme mobility
  • Add-on kits, including armor solutions, are available to expand profile and further capabilities
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