Family Of Medium Tactical VehiclesFMTV 5-Ton Wrecker

FMTV 5-Ton WreckerFMTV 5-Ton Wrecker

Capacity To Recover.

Oshkosh Defense® FMTV 5-Ton Wrecker.

With a lift and tow capability for either front or rear recovery, the Oshkosh® FMTV 5-ton wrecker provides the payload capacity and durability to recover disabled medium and light tactical vehicles. Its full hydraulic operation with remote control reduces connection time to the disabled vehicle as well as decreases personnel fatigue. The FMTV 5-ton wrecker is a proven retrieval system, tested and passed for extreme durability at government test facilities, as well as out in the field. For over 25 years, the wrecker system has performed successful field operations on the HEMTT, MTVR and LVSR. And with the Long-Term Armor Strategy-compliant cab and other advanced technologies, it offers the enhanced protection military personnel can rely on.

  • Includes a crane and winch retrieval system
  • Full hydraulic operation – retrieval system interfaces with existing wrecker remote
  • Allows for flat tow operation without preparation – pintle mounted directly to rear crossmember
  • Includes multi-use adapter to minimize set-up and connection operation time
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