Medium Tactical Vehicle ReplacementMTVR MK27 and MK28 Extended Cargo Truck

MTVR MK27 And MK28 Extended Cargo TruckMTVR MK27 And MK28 Extended Cargo Truck

Extended Capacity. Proven Performance.

Oshkosh Defense® MTVR MK27 And MK28 Extended Cargo Truck.

Whether moving personnel or supplies, the Oshkosh® Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) extended cargo vehicle offers the versatility, mobility and durability to help assure mission success. Engineered with advanced and proven technologies like the TAK-4® independent suspension system and the Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system, the MTVR extended cargo is built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, delivering optimum performance on every mission.

  • 20 foot (6 m) long body with ISO locks, bulk cargo tie downs, troop seats and cover
  • TAK-4® independent suspension for extreme mobility
  • Extended cargo MK28 includes a 20,000 pound (9072 kg) capacity self-recovery winch
  • Add-on kits, including armor solutions, are available to expand profile and further capabilities
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