Medium Tactical Vehicle ReplacementMTVR MK29 and MK30 Dump Truck

MK29 And MK30 MTVR Dump TruckMK29 And MK30 MTVR Dump TruckMK29 And MK30 MTVR Dump Truck

Extreme Performance For Extreme Missions.

Oshkosh Defense® MK29 And MK30 MTVR Dump Truck.

The Oshkosh® Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) dump truck has the power and capacity to haul whatever is needed to aid in mission success. Incorporating combat-proven advanced technologies and patented components, including the TAK-4® independent suspension system and the Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system, it is specifically engineered to perform load after load, even in the most extreme conditions. And it’s easily maneuvered, so military personnel can get the loads wherever they are needed, whenever they are needed.

  • Steel welded dump body extends over the top of the vehicle cab to prevent damage while loading
  • Hydraulics system operates smoothly and consistently
  • Includes a 20,000 pound (9,072 kg) capacity self-recovery winch
  • Add-on kits, including armor solutions, are available to expand profile and further capabilities
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