Logistics Vehicle System ReplacementLVSR MKR15 Wrecker

LVSR MKR15 WreckerLVSR MKR15 Wrecker

A Heavy-Duty Wrecker For Heavy-Duty Recovery Missions.

Oshkosh Defense® LVSR MKR15 Wrecker.

The Oshkosh® LVSR wrecker provides extreme mobility and versatility to reach vehicles in any terrain – and the power to retrieve them – even if they are mired in mud, sand, water or snow. It’s engineered with combat-proven advanced technologies like the TAK-4® independent suspension system and Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system. Able to maneuver even the most treacherous terrains,  it’s capable of performing on any mission, including flat towing or lift towing the HMMWV series, FMTV series, 5-ton M809 and M939 series, LVS series, MTVR series, MRAP series and LVSR series vehicles.

  • Able to flat tow 110,000 pound (49895 kg) vehicle
  • Able to lift and tow 96,000 pound (43545 kg) vehicle
  • Rear mounted winches with 78,000 pound (35380 kg) combined straight-pull rating
  • Front mounted self-recovery winch with a 20,000 pound (9072 kg) straight-pull rating
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