MRAP All-Terrain VehicleM-ATV Special Forces

M-ATV Special Forces 1 720x300M-ATV Special Forces 2 720x300

Mission-critical versatility to adapt to ever-changing Special Forces operations.

Oshkosh Defense® M-ATV Special Forces.

Broad visibility and storage for sophisticated missions. Protected agility and precision for mobile operations. The Oshkosh Defense® MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) Special Forces variant is built for the uncertainties of the battlefield.

Fully configurable and integrated C4ISR systems provide advanced situational awareness and operational versatility. With the TAK-4® independent suspension system, the M-ATV Special Forces delivers unprecedented off-road mobility across severe landscapes. The Core1080 crew protection system improves personnel safety against escalating battlefield threats.


  • Large windshield for improved visibility
  • Cargo body access hatch in rear capsule wall
  • Protected cargo area
  • Advanced Core1080 crew protection system with fully armored, single compartment crew capsule and integrated blast protection
  • Blast seats for driver, commander and three rear positions
  • TAK-4® independent suspension system
  • Proven, durable, best-in-class mobility for rugged terrain and 70 percent off-road duty cycle
  • Second row center seat converts to gunner stand
  • Compatible with Remote Weapon Station (RWS)
  • Infrared driving lights
  • Full-sized, rear-mounted runflat spare tire assembly
  • Optional Oshkosh-provided Gunner Protection Kit (GPK)

Mission Enablers

  • Special reconnaissance and target acquisition
  • Military intelligence
  • Unconventional warfare
  • Counterinsurgency operations
  • Configurable to C4ISR requirements
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