Oshkosh Defense® HEMTT A4 M983A4 Patriot Tractor

Performance for extreme defense.

The Oshkosh® Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 Patriot Tractor is the primary mover for the Patriot missile. It offers the mobility, versatility, durability and high performance to assure the Patriot missile – mounted on M860 semi-trailers and towed by the M983A4 – will be wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed. An anti-lock braking system, traction control and air-ride suspension allow for easy navigation over any type of terrain. And the large, climate-controlled, armor-ready cab offers substantial space and comfort for the crew to help assure mission readiness.

» Unmatched Capabilities

  • 500 hp Caterpillar® C15 engine
  • Tow M860A4 semi-trailer for Patriot equipment 

» Comprehensive Protection System

  • LTAS B-kit ready
  • Armor attachments
  • Integrated under cab protection
  • Gunner Protection Kit (GPK ) mount
  • Machine gun mount


Delivering 55 more horsepower than its predecessor, the HEMTT A4 Patriot Tractor is the versatile, dependable missile transporter that armed forces can rely on. In any type of terrain, in any type of circumstance, it performs.



Major changes and additions to the HEMTT A4 cab offer greater comfort and safety for mission success. These protection features include Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) attachments advancing a modular approach to personnel protection.


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