Oshkosh Defense® HEMTT A4 M985A4 Cargo/MLRS Resupply

Performance to get ammunition where the mission demands.

With the mobility to maneuver over the most treacherous terrains and the power to carry the heaviest loads, the Oshkosh® Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 Cargo / MLRS Resupply vehicle is the prime ammunition transporter for the Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS). An anti-lock braking system, traction control and air-ride suspension allow it to traverse all types of environments. An on-board crane with a 5,400 pound (2,455 kg) load capacity assures easy loading and unloading of MLRS ammunition loads. And because it has a large, climate-controlled, armor-ready cab, it helps assure crew members are comfortable and mission ready.

» Unmatched Capabilities

  • 500 hp Caterpillar® C15 engine
  • Crane with 5,400 lbs. (2,455 kg) load capacity
  • Option: 20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg) self-recovery winch

» Comprehensive Protection System

  • LTAS B-kit ready
  • Armor attachments
  • Integrated under cab protection
  • Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) mount
  • Machine gun mount


With 55 more horsepower than its predecessor, the HEMTT A4 Cargo/MLRS Resupply vehicle provides the versatility, dependability and extreme performance military personnel can rely on. Superior manufacturing and rugged, durable components assure long-term reliability for every mission.



Major changes and additions to the HEMTT A4 cab offer greater comfort and safety for mission success. These protection features include Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) attachments advancing a modular approach to personnel protection.


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