Palletized Load SystemPLS


Meeting Mission Demands. Increasing Mission Profiles.


The Oshkosh® Palletized Load System (PLS) is built to carry ammunition and other critical supplies, and has proven its ability in front-line resupply missions in all types of environments, in all types of terrains.

The PLS, with its 600 horsepower Caterpillar® C15 engine, is the backbone of the resupply and distribution system, providing unparalleled efficiency and performance for loading, unloading and delivering materials. It carries a wide range of cargo, and is specially designed to load and unload a variety of flatrack or ISO compatible containers all on its own. PLS chassis mission profiles can extend to aiding in building and repairing roads, fire fighting and construction details when integrated with Engineering Mission Modules (EMMs), including the concrete mobile mixer, modular fuel farm, water distribution module, bituminous distributor module and dump truck. Engineered to meet the same high-level of performance as the PLS, the EMMs load on the vehicle like any cargo container, and have the ability to tap into the vehicle’s electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

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