MRAP All-Terrain VehicleM-ATV Standard Base (SXB)

M-ATV Base (SXB)M-ATV Base (SXB)

Off-road mobility to engage and respond to threats.

Oshkosh Defense® M-ATV Standard Base (SXB).

When operations go off-road, vehicle reliability and durability are vital to mission success. The Oshkosh Defense® MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) Standard Base (SXB) delivers protected off-road navigation and agile response.

Engineered with the TAK-4® independent suspension system, it delivers unprecedented levels of off-road mobility. It’s also equipped with the crew protection system troops need for force-on-force battle. The M-ATV SXB combines advanced battle-tested technologies with the payload capacity and side slope stability necessary for offensive and defensive operation readiness.