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Oshkosh Defense is a full-service partner throughout the entirety of the product lifecycle – from purchase, to maintenance, training, and everything in between.

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Designing the future of delivery and fleet vehicles.

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Innovating solutions to solve complex problems in the military and delivery vehicle markets

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Enabling those who dedicate their lives to service to accomplish their mission and return home safely.

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Oshkosh Defense is here to help our customers keep their vehicles operating at the highest level of performance. Through accurate and proactive vehicle life cycle management, Oshkosh delivers comprehensive services to optimize vehicle life cycle cost and ensure optimal performance.



Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is an evaluation of real-time vehicle conditions, achieved through an intricate system of sensors, observations, and portable devices. While CBM gauges vehicle conditions, CBM+ offers recommendations for optimizing maintenance schedules and strategies to reduce life cycle costs and elevate readiness levels.

Oshkosh Defense has applied CBM and CBM+ methodologies across an array of defense platforms including the British Army’s Wheeled Tanker, and the U.S. Army ’s FMTV A1P2, PLS and JLTV. This transformative approach is also used in Oshkosh Corporation’s commercial fleet, including JLG® Lifts, Pierce® Fire Trucks, and McNeilus® Cement Mixers.

Oshkosh Defense harnesses CBM to monitor critical conditions in diverse equipment types, including torque tools and programmable logic controllers. This lends an exceptional dimension to maintenance efficiency and operations that are difficult to measure manually.


Oshkosh Defense publishes guides and manuals related to vehicle operation and maintenance details. These life cycle management publications encompass:

  • Comprehensive operator and maintenance manuals featuring Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) enriched with diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Streamlined parts provisioning, augmented by enhanced schematics, encompassing Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL) data.
  • Advanced Maintenance Data Management solutions.
  • Electronic inspection and maintenance documentation accompanied by intricate point-to-point (PTP) hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical schematics.