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Joint Light Tactical Vehicle – JLTV

Oshkosh is JLTV. Anything else is something less.

When it comes to protecting our troops, there’s no substitute for experience. Based on billions of real-world operational miles, only the Oshkosh Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) delivers next-generation performance to serve the JLTV mission.

It’s the trusted solution that’s designed, built and backed by 97 years of vehicle production, integration and lifecycle know-how to keep ground operations moving.

Cutting-edge control for optimized mobility.

TAK-4i Intelligent Independent SuspensionTake on the world’s toughest terrains with the next generation of the most advanced suspension – TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system*.

  • 20 inches (508 mm) of wheel travel for improved off-road mobility
  • Adaptable suspension can be raised and lowered to meet transportability requirements using interior controls
  • Unprecedented levels of off-road performance for future requirements
  • High-performance disc brake solution

*Patent pending

Proven protected mobility for the ever-changing battlefield.

Core-1080™ Crew Protection SystemThe Oshkosh® Core1080™ comprehensive approach to crew protection provides troops with greater survivability and more confidence when they’re needed most.

  • Advanced, integrated designs that have saved more Warfighters’ lives than any other wheeled vehicle manufacturer
  • Mature, effective, battle-tested system provides greater crew protection and survivability
  • MRAP-level protection from underbelly blasts
  • Multi-faceted design delivers the ability to scale and evolve as operating environments change

Ready to bring the network to the mission.

Net ReadyThe L-ATV is designed integration-ready for wide-ranging C4ISR capabilities to enhance the user experience and optimize overall system performance.

  • In-house C4ISR engineering and integration experts with unique understanding of vehicle design
  • C4 mechanical, electrical and user interface factored into vehicle designs to reduce integration time and optimize overall system performance
  • Weapons Systems
  • Exportable Power
  • IED Defeat
  • Situational Awareness
  • Navigation
  • Communication and Control

Response, speed and power wherever the mission leads.

The L-ATV’s digitally-controlled engine maintains steady and reliable power that Warfighters rely on to keep the mission moving.

  • Greater versatility and efficiency
  • Improved fuel economy in both idle and operational modes
  • Power train adapts to different operating conditions

Unmatched experience and capabilities to deliver the trusted JLTV solution.

Launch VideoWith in-house tactical wheeled vehicle experts, advanced manufacturing operations, active production lines and proven quality control measures, Oshkosh’s L-ATV is the most reliable JLTV solution that’s ready now.

JLTV Leadership

JLTV Leadership Overview

John Urias

President of Oshkosh Defense

John, a retired U.S. Army Major General, brings almost 32 years of active duty experience to Oshkosh. As president of Oshkosh Defense, he built the team and set the strategy for Oshkosh’s JLTV program. As a former Program Executive Officer who has managed and led hundreds of U.S. Army and Joint procurement programs ranging from WIN-T to Patriot & THAAD, John brings unique insight as he guides the Oshkosh team to meet or exceed all of our JLTV customers’ requirements.

“There is nothing more important than protecting our troops – on and off the battlefield. The JLTV program is designed exactly for that purpose. It is filling a critical capability gap, which if not addressed, will put our troops in harm’s way in future conflicts. The unparalleled expertise at Oshkosh is being harnessed to deliver an outstanding vehicle that goes beyond responding to requirements. It’s designed to serve the men and women whose lives may one day depend on our truck.”

John Bryant

Senior Vice President of Defense Programs

John, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel, brings to Oshkosh 28 years of active duty experience. He is a military procurement expert and former professor at the Defense Acquisition University. John manages defense programs and is responsible for winning the JLTV production contract. His military experience, which included leading several acquisition programs such as Tank Systems, Light Armored Vehicles and Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles, enables John to translate the voice of the Warfighter and requirements into a product and program that will deliver beyond expectations.

“As you look at the industry landscape, no other company has successfully moved more vehicle programs from development to production than Oshkosh. To the credit of our engineering team, the Oshkosh JLTV performed exceptionally well during the EMD phase, which puts us in a solid position for the production competition. I firmly believe that the Oshkosh JLTV platform, being built by the same people who delivered the M-ATV, HEMTT and FMTV, is the best answer for our Warfighters.”

Dave Diersen

Director of Defense Programs - JLTV

Dave leads the JLTV program with over 30 years of experience in the U.S. Marine Corps and defense industry. He works directly with the JLTV Program Office to ensure successful execution of the program, and that our Oshkosh team is meeting or exceeding all contractual requirements. Under his direction, Oshkosh delivered all JLTV EMD contract requirements on time. Today, Dave is leading the vehicle experts from all functional areas to ensure that Oshkosh is delivering the best value to our customers for the Production phase of the program.

“The threats facing troops on the battlefield have greatly increased since the HMMWV was introduced in 1984. The Oshkosh JLTV will fill the capabilities gap in the existing light vehicle fleets, giving our troops greater protection and off-road mobility. Our Oshkosh team directly applied decades of real-world, outside-the-wire experience to design and build the world’s fastest and most reliable TWV [tactical wheeled vehicle]. Our JLTV will continue a very long legacy of providing Warfighters with vehicles they can trust during their missions.”

Tony Wheel

Director of Operations Engineering

Tony brings 13 years of military experience as a U.S. Army Ordnance Officer to his role at Oshkosh Defense. Serving two tours in the Middle East, he has firsthand knowledge of how TWVs performed in theater. Today, Tony leads the strategic planning for the world class operation at Oshkosh that builds the world’s best TWVs. Tony orchestrates the vertical integration and streamlines production of all of Oshkosh’s TWV’s on a single campus. He utilizes the proven Oshkosh Operating System, including the product development and manufacturing readiness processes to demonstrate that Oshkosh is fully prepared to start JLTV production immediately on an active and proven production line with a highly trained workforce.

“No other OEM has launched more successful TWV programs than Oshkosh. We have the past performance record, proven manufacturing and quality management processes, robust supply chain and experienced workforce needed to deliver the low-risk JLTV solution. Building the JLTV is a natural extension of our operations, because building military vehicles is our focus every day.”

Mike Ivy

Vice President of Global Integrated Product Support

Mike is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and Logistician with more than 27 years of active duty experience. Mike and the Global Integrated Product Support team are responsible for leading the total life cycle lines of service for the entire TWV portfolio at Oshkosh, including the JLTV program. From our manufacturing facilities to the field, Mike and his team are dedicated to providing life cycle management, readiness and modernization services to support the Soldiers, Marines and their missions throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

“Oshkosh doesn’t just sell the vehicle. We also optimize the value of the fleet over the entire life of the vehicle. We are with the vehicle every mile – maximizing the reliability, uptime and readiness for missions all around the world – even in remote environments and war zones. We have extensive in-field experience servicing vehicles and factory-trained technicians standing by ready to serve our Warfighters anywhere and any time.”

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