Joint Light Tactical VehicleJLTV

Oshkosh Defense, JLTV climbing rocky incline followed by additional JLTV, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles driving up rocky inclineOshkosh Defense, L-ATV on muddy terrain, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving through mudOshkosh Defense, L-ATV driving through dry grass, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving through desert grassOshkosh Defense, L-ATV turning in deep sand, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving in desert sandOshkosh Defense, L-ATV from rear ascending steep rocky grade, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving up rocky gradeOshkosh Defense, L-ATV driving on dirt road, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving on dirt roadOshkosh Defense, L-ATV traversing a ditch, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving over a ditchOshkosh Defense L-ATV on rocky terrainOshkosh Defense, L-ATV turning on rocky terrain, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving over desert rocksOshkosh Defense, L-ATV driving over logs, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle driving on roadOshkosh Defense, L-ATV driving out of a plane, Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle in cargo bay of plane

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle | JLTV

The OSHKOSH® JLTV Solution, L-ATV.

Learn More About L-ATVOshkosh Defense responds to evolving battlefield threats with the L-ATV, a light combat vehicle that meets or exceeds the fleet modernization requirements of the JLTV program.

  • The Oshkosh Defense® L-ATV redefines light combat vehicle protection and performance
  • Scalable MRAP-level protection with multiple armor configurations easily adapts to changing operational requirements
  • Provides unprecedented mobility for mission success
  • Delivers expanded power capabilities, greater fuel efficiency and integrated diagnostics
  • Offers an optional Oshkosh ProPulse® diesel-electric hybrid powertrain to further improve fuel economy, lower life-cycle costs and provide high levels of exportable power

L-ATV advances the Oshkosh commitment to Warfighters and future mission success.

  • The crew protection system has been extensively tested and proven to optimize protection, weight and mobility
  • Uses the Oshkosh TAK-4i™* intelligent independent suspension system, building on the TAK-4® family of suspensions proven on more than 20,000 military vehicles
  • Gives Warfighters unparalleled mobility in severe off-road terrain

Based on experience, development and testing, the L-ATV represents the best solution for the JLTV program.

  • Integrates performance and technologies proven through ten years of operating experience in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Refined through six generations of vehicle development
  • Verified through extensive Joint Light Tactical Vehicle mission-profile testing, including a prototype that completed the 1,061-mile Baja 1000 off-road race in the unforgiving terrain of the Mexican desert

Builds on Oshkosh Defense’s unmatched track record of proven value and performance.

  • For 90 years, Oshkosh has been continuously setting new benchmarks in vehicle innovation and production
  • Oshkosh has produced more than 100,000 military-class trucks and trailers to date
  • The L-ATV fully leverages Oshkosh’s vast supplier network to produce a highly cost-effective vehicle; vehicle design is optimized and economy of scale is achieved across a spectrum of military, commercial and industrial vehicle programs
  • With a mature and proven production approach, Oshkosh’s integrated manufacturing capability enables multiple vehicle platform builds on a single assembly line

The Oshkosh Defense L-ATV has been designed and engineered to define the future of combat mission effectiveness and efficiency. It sets new standards in protection, performance and mobility. Imagine what you’ll save.

*Patent pending