Integrated Control And Diagnostics SystemCommand Zone

Command Zone™ Integrated Control And Diagnostics SystemCommand Zone™ Integrated Control And Diagnostics System

Command At Your Fingertips.

Oshkosh Defense® Command Zone Integrated Control And Diagnostics System.

The Oshkosh® Command Zone integrated control and diagnostics system is a computer-controlled, electronics technology that operates and diagnoses all major vehicle networks. The backbone of the Command Zone system is advanced multiplexing technology that allows vehicle components to work in concert, streamlining diagnostic and troubleshooting efficiencies. Both a local and remote monitoring system, it allows real-time access to critical vehicle information via command and control networks, laptops, on-board display screens or hand-held personal digital devices. Performance feedback is accurate and reliable, so troubleshooting time is reduced, vehicle servicing is easier and overall vehicle reliability and performance are enhanced.

  • Full vehicle systems embedded control and power distribution
  • Envelope control to keep systems operating within established safety parameters
  • Establishes automatic electrical power management
  • Hundreds fewer parts and connections than conventional systems
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