Independent Suspension SystemTAK-4®

TAK-4® independent suspension system

Industry Leading Performance

Oshkosh Defense® TAK-4® Family of Independent Suspension Systems

The Oshkosh® TAK-4® family of independent suspension systems increases vehicle mobility, ride quality, off-road speeds and load-carrying capacity, as well as lowers life-cycle costs. They have been tested and proven on a full range of light, medium, MRAP and heavy platforms, providing unparalleled performance on every mission. First used on the U.S. Marine Corps Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR), the Oshkosh TAK-4 family of independent suspension systems sets Oshkosh apart as the leader in off-road military mobility and has been applied to more than 25,000 tactical wheeled vehicles.

TAK-4 Independent Suspension System

  • Used on M-ATV, LVSR, PLS A1, P-19R and MTVR
  • S-CAM or wedge drum brakes
  • Standard coil spring, hydro-pneumatic springs or high pressure gas (HPG) spring
  • Up to 16 inches of independent wheel travel

TAK-4i® Intelligent Independent Suspension System

  • Used on JLTV
  • Disc brakes and HPG springs
  • Up to 20 inches of independent vertical wheel travel
  • Suspension Aided Egress System (SAES), giving the truck the ability to self-level on longitudinal or laterals slope when parked
  • Can be raised and lowered using interior controls

TAK-4l® Light Independent Suspension System

  • Integrated onto HWWMV
  • High-performance disc brakes and coil springs
  • Vehicles integrated with TAK-4l experience 14 inches of independent wheel travel
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