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Oshkosh Truck Recognized for Ownership Cost Reduction on Marine Corp Contract

November 3, 2000 |

OSHKOSH, WIS. (November 3, 2000) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NASDAQ: OTRKB] was recognized today by the Department of Defense for reduction of total ownership cost on the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) contract for the U.S. Marine Corp. On behalf of Undersecretary of Defense Jacques S. Gansler, Brigadier General James M. Feigley, commander of Marine…


Oshkosh Truck Develops New Tactical Fire Fighting Truck for U.S. Army

September 25, 2000 |

OSHKOSH, WIS. (September 25, 2000) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NASDAQ: OTRKB] has developed a new Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (TFFT) for deployment at isolated military installations and sites worldwide. Based on the eight-wheel drive, Oshkosh defense Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) M977 chassis, the TFFT is designed and engineered to respond to, suppress and…


Oshkosh Truck Develops E-Business Aftermarket Parts Solution for U.S. Marine Corps

September 15, 2000 |

OSHKOSH, WIS. (September 15, 2000) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NASDAQ: OTRKB] announced today it has developed an e-business parts ordering and tracking system for the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). Under the Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) initiative, the new Oshkosh e-commerce system will seamlessly interface with the existing USMC supply and accounting system. The system reduces…


Oshkosh Truck To Field HEMTT-LHS Units For Initial Brigade Combat Team at Fort Lewis; Oshkosh Trucks To Support Army Transformation Initiative

September 8, 2000 |

OSHKOSH, WIS. (Sept. 8, 2000) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NASDAQ:OTRKB] announced today that it will field its Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) – Load Handling Systems (LHS) to Fort Lewis, just outside Tacoma, Wash. A total of 56 units will be deployed to the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division stationed at Fort Lewis within…


Oshkosh Truck Honored In Acquisition Excellence By U.S. Department Of Defense

May 22, 2000 |

OSHKOSH, WIS. (May 22, 2000) — Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NASDAQ: OTRKB] received the Department of Defense’s David Packard Acquisition Excellence Award today at a ceremony held at the Pentagon. Rudy de Leon, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and General Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both presented remarks during the award ceremony….

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