Oshkosh Airport Products Group Delivers Two H-Series Snow Blowers to Frankfurt International Airport

OSHKOSH, WIS. (July 13, 2009) – Oshkosh Airport Products Group, a division of

Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), has delivered and placed into service at

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) two Oshkosh® H-Series™ high-speed blower

vehicles. The units are the first two Oshkosh airport snow removal vehicles ever

sold in Germany.

“As a world leader in custom snow removal vehicles, Oshkosh is excited to have

the advanced H-Series in service at this prestigious international airport.” said Tim

Raupp, Oshkosh Corporation Airport Products Group, president. “This sale is an

important milestone for Oshkosh Airport Products as we advance our global

presence with product sales to key markets around the world.”

The Oshkosh airport snow removal vehicles feature a 470 hp chassis engine and a

700 hp dedicated blower engine that can throw as much as 5,000 tons (4,534

metric tons) of snow per hour. The blower’s unique hydrostatic-drive ribbon is

driven independently from the impeller, allowing it to more effectively handle

variable snow conditions.

Other notable features found on the Oshkosh H-Series chassis include:

• Cab design with panoramic view, large windshield and no corner posts

• Command Zone™ electronic LCD dash pod

• Two full-sized seats to accommodate a supervisor/training officer

• Easy-to-operate digital climate control and power roll-down windows

• All-wheel drive, proprietary ALL STEER® electronic all-wheel steering and

Oshkosh 55000 Series two-speed transfer case

• 12,247 kg (27,000 lb) front axle rating

• 8,165 kg (18,000 lb) rear axle rating

• Safety interlocks with emergency stop feature for attachments

The H-Series chassis is engineered to seamlessly integrate with a variety of plows,

scrapers, brooms and other attachments to give airports the adaptability to meet

any snow removal challenge.

Frankfurt Airport is located 12km (7 mi) southwest of the city center and is the

busiest airport (based on passenger traffic miles) in Germany, and the third busiest

in Europe. It serves the most international destinations in the world and is the

busiest airport in Europe by cargo traffic.

Øveraasen AS, the Oshkosh sales agent for portions of Europe, will provide local

service and support.

About Oshkosh Airport Products

The Oshkosh Airport Group, a division of Oshkosh Corporation, is a designer and

builder of industry-leading airport firefighting and snow removal vehicles. Its

flagship Striker® Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle and Oshkosh H-

Series snow removal chassis are known for their durability and superior

performance and sold throughout the world. For more information, visit

About Oshkosh Corporation

Oshkosh Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad

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