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Oshkosh Truck Awarded Contract for U.S. Army Future Tactical Truck Concepts and Technology Evaluation

OSHKOSH, WIS. (December 2, 2003) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NYSE: OSK] has been awarded a $968,000 research and development contract by the National Automotive Center (NAC) to support development of the U.S. Army’s next generation of tactical vehicles. Under the contract, which began in October, Oshkosh will refine technology concepts; perform vehicle dynamic modeling and simulation work; and conduct engineering analysis to help achieve the deployment and sustainability goals of the U.S. Army’s Future Tactical Truck Systems (FTTS).

Oshkosh expects to deliver modeling and simulation analysis, as well as integrated design concepts, to the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) in February 2004. The integrated design concepts focus on the Army’s performance priorities for its future fleet, including better fuel economy, greater mobility, intelligent load handling that allows placement and removal of cargo directly from a C-130 aircraft, and a reduced logistics footprint. In addition, the company may conduct an optional vehicle demonstration effort.

“Oshkosh was already well along the path of developing next-generation technologies to meet future performance requirements of the Army’s logistics fleet, so this award is a natural extension of those development efforts,” said John Stoddart, executive vice president and president of defense. “It allows us to leverage our defense vehicle technology and world-class engineering, simulation and modeling capabilities to help the Army define its future fleet.”

Among the FTTS technologies being evaluated by Oshkosh are its proprietary ProPulse® hybrid electric drive system, TAK-4™ independent suspension, Command Zone® electronics, diagnostic and prognostic system, new chassis configurations, and advanced materials.

This technology evaluation program is considered the precursor to a much larger Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) contract that will be awarded in Spring 2004. The ACTD contract will call for the development and testing of several production prototype vehicles.

Oshkosh Truck Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialty commercial, fire and emergency and military trucks and truck bodies under the Oshkosh®, McNeilus®, Pierce®, Medtec®, Geesink and Norba brand names. Oshkosh’s products are valued worldwide by defense forces, fire and emergency units, municipal and airport support services, and concrete placement and refuse businesses where high quality, superior performance, rugged reliability and long-term value are paramount.

For more information on Oshkosh Truck Corporation and its products, visit www.oshkoshtruckcorporation.com and www.oshkoshtruck.com.

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