C4ISR and C4 Systems Integration

Bringing the network to the mission.

When vehicles are on the technical edge, crews can focus on the mission and engage evolving threats with confidence. We combine a proven history of world-class Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) design with extensive C4 systems integration capabilities; giving fleets the flexibility to expand and reconfigure components in the field, which eliminates cost, time and risks associated with vehicle disassembly.



Wide-Ranging C4 Solutions
  • Command and Control: On-the-move battlefield Situational Awareness (SA) systems and Global Positioning Systems
  • Communications: HF, VHF, UHF, SATCOM and vehicle intercoms
  • Computers: Centralized computers and Smart Displays including network and software integration
  • Electronic Warfare: Counter Radio Electronic Warfare systems
  • Surveillance: Long Range Surveillance, Shot Detection, Silent Watch Power Systems, Visible Light and IR camera systems
  • Weapons: Turret Operated Systems, Remote Weapons Systems and Tube Launched Missile System
  • Exportable Power: AC and DC

Parts and Service Inquiries

Complete Integration Services
  • C4 integration engineering and design specialist team with extensive experience
  • Consulting for vehicle integration to third party integrators
  • Complete adaptation and installation of existing kits into vehicle platforms
  • Custom kit design with complete mechanical, electrical and user interfaces
  • Full vehicle network and software integration for data sharing between systems and information consolidation
  • Complete in-house installation and testing of C4 equipment
  • Worldwide integration capabilities
The Oshkosh Integration Advantage
  • We offer a unique understanding of vehicle design and C4 equipment integration for optimized vehicle and C4 performance capabilities
  • Our team works with customers on vehicle design and equipment placement to meet demands for operation, visibility, ergonomics and process simplification between multiple systems
  • Oshkosh vehicles are designed with the versatility to incorporate a wide-range of C4 equipment for today’s mission, and future capabilities for tomorrow’s
  • C4 mechanical, electrical and user interface factored into vehicle designs to reduce integration time and optimize overall system performance
  • In-house integration allows for more efficiency to meet delivery schedules
Oshkosh®  JLTV C4 Systems Integration Success

The net-ready Oshkosh® JLTV is wired for current and future C4 systems to ensure the vehicle is ready to roll right off the production line. The JLTV features a modular, scalable open architecture system, which is VICTORY compliant to support rapidly evolving C4ISR suites. Its system easily adapts and expands to evolving mission requirements in the field.

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