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The high-quality parts and kits you need, when and where you need them.

Readiness means your fleet is prepared to perform at the highest levels at a moment’s notice. It also means our team at Oshkosh must be ready to deliver 24/7 support with worldwide parts distribution, as well as expert maintenance services anywhere the mission takes you.



Trusted Oshkosh Parts

Powering through dense mud and protecting soldiers against IEDs cannot be replicated by those not engaged with the vehicle’s design and manufacturing. As the vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM), every trusted Oshkosh authorized part we supply has been precision-fabricated to the specifications of the original and is delivered wherever the mission takes you.

24/7 Support
  • Oshkosh Operating System’s (OOS) lean supply chain management for efficient, accurate parts support and worldwide distribution
  • 24/7 support team provides constant, real-time service in both OCONUS and CONUS locations
  • Most critical components are stocked on regional, wholesale and retail levels for instant 24/7 access worldwide
  • All Oshkosh authorized parts are backed by an Oshkosh Parts Return Policy
  • Government contracting expertise
  • Military packaging capabilities

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Oshkosh Parts Return Policy

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Complete Aftermarket Kits

Preventative Maintenance Checks & Services (PMCS) Kits: Annual, semiannual and biennial/periodic PMCS Kits are available for individual vehicle platforms and include all of the parts necessary to complete scheduled maintenance intervals.

Service Kits: Service kits include all of the necessary parts, including Mandatory Replacement Parts (MPR), to complete vehicle corrective maintenance. Examples include, injector, brake, service and hydraulic cylinder rebuild kits.

Aftermarket Kits Catalog

Trusted Oshkosh Kits

Scheduled service* at prescribed maintenance intervals, along with corrective maintenance, help to prevent vehicle field failures and keep the entire fleet at full operation. Oshkosh Defense Aftermarket Kits are delivered in one convenient box – one part number, one national stock number (NSN), one lead time – including all of the parts to complete a service on scheduled intervals.

* Scheduled service requirements are specified in the vehicle technical manual.

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