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Life Cycle Management

Oshkosh stands behind the customer and their vehicles with accurate and proactive vehicle life cycle management.  Oshkosh’s vehicle experts are trained to deliver comprehensive services, optimizing vehicle life cycle cost and advancing the highest level of fleet performance. 

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and CBM + Technology

Prognostic and Predictive Maintenance (PPMx) (U.S. Government program name)

The concept for Condition Based Maintenance is to continuously assess actual vehicle condition through sensors, observations, and portable devices to provide evidence maintenance is needed. While CBM establishes the ability to measure vehicle conditions, CBM+ provides recommendations for optimizing maintenance schedules and strategies with the overall goal of reduced life cycle costs and improved readiness.

Oshkosh has applied CBM and CBM+ methodologies to numerous defense platforms including UK WT, FMTV A1P2, PLS, and JLTV in addition to Commercial fleets including JLG® Lifts, Pierce® Fire Trucks, and McNeilus® Cement Mixers. Oshkosh is leveraging the capabilities established as a whole to advance CBM technology and predictive and prognostic applications within all Oshkosh products.

Oshkosh is committed to advancing CBM and CBM+ technologies within the tactical wheeled vehicle community. Although CBM is mostly associated with vehicles, Oshkosh is also applying this capability to manufacturing equipment. As manufacturing technology continues to evolve, the importance of understanding equipment conditions becomes increasingly critical. Oshkosh has applied CBM to torque tools and programmable logic controllers to monitor critical conditions and conditions that are difficult to measure manually.


• Operator and maintenance manuals, including Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals
• (IETM), that contain equipment diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities
• Parts provisioning with enhanced schematics, including Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL) data
• Maintenance Data Management
• Electronic inspection and maintenance documentation with point-to-point (PTP) hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical schematics

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