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Parts and Kits

Oshkosh Defense offers 24/7 support with worldwide parts distribution, and expert maintenance services wherever the mission takes you.  In addition to keeping experienced technicians on standby, Oshkosh utilizes lean supply chain management practices and global maintenance operations to ensure vehicles are at peak readiness for every mission. 

Contact U.S. Parts & Service at 800.392.9921 or partssales@defense.oshkoshcorp.com.

Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS)

The Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS) lean supply chain management practices offer efficient, accurate parts support and delivery of Oshkosh authorized parts and kits. With worldwide distribution, the most critical components are stocked at regional, wholesale and retail levels for global 24/7 access. Oshkosh authorized parts and kits offer higher reliability and quality than counterfeit or non-branded options. Oshkosh parts and kits are backed by an Oshkosh Parts Return Policy. 

Oshkosh Defense Aftermarket Kits

Oshkosh Defense Aftermarket Kits include all parts necessary to complete vehicle services for both scheduled intervals as well as for targeted parts maintenance. Scheduled service requirements are specified in the vehicle technical manual and will result in improved readiness as well as a reduction in field failures. Oshkosh’s Aftermarket Kits offer the convenience of – 1-part number, 1-national stock number (NSN), 1-lead time, 1-box. 

• Preventative Maintenance Checks & Services (PMCS) Kits: Annual, semiannual, and biennial/periodic PMCS Kits for individual vehicle platforms include all parts necessary to complete scheduled maintenance at the appropriate interval. 

• Service Kits: All parts necessary to complete targeted part maintenance, including seal, rod, exhaust, brake shoes, and injector kits.

Efficiency Improvements

Oshkosh Defense is continuously working with the customer to identity opportunities to improve mission efficiencies. One such example would be our portfolio of Aftermarket Products. Oshkosh Defense has developed and continues to develop several products that provide operational safety and readiness support, operational efficiency, and vehicle longevity. 
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