Oshkosh deploys to the customer and provides vehicle operators and mechanics expert-level training on all Oshkosh and non-Oshkosh vehicles and mobility systems. On-site training can be conducted in international locations, in the U.S., or participants can attend training sessions at the Oshkosh Product Training Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 
Oshkosh trainers are certified experts on the technologies and vehicle platforms they support. Trainers go to the customer’s site, around the world, to deliver convenient world-class training while keeping costs manageable. They use their combined real-world mechanical and operational experience with factory training and first-hand vehicle knowledge to create an advanced learning experience.  With more than 250 years of combined experience, the staff has developed, managed, and implemented training to thousands of military personnel at locations around the world.
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Training Approach

Oshkosh has developed a blended approach to training, which leverages the advantages of both classroom and in-shop experience. Oshkosh’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers customizable training programs, including e-Learning solutions. Core competencies of the training approach include:

• Operation and operator maintenance (OP)
• Field level maintenance (FLM)
• Repair and troubleshooting of systems and subsystems
• Preventative and corrective maintenance procedures
• External diagnostics and testing procedures

The Oshkosh Product Training Center features 37 acres of space for vehicle operation and inspection, classrooms with extensive technological resources, and a learning lab with an array of component parts, cutaways and training aids. Students also have access to the Oshkosh test and development course where Oshkosh can provide custom training that exceeds military requirements.
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Virtual Trainer

The Oshkosh Virtual Task Trainer (VTT) provides life-like training in a safe, virtual environment, providing soldiers with the skills they need to perform the actual maintenance tasks. This virtual training element makes the overall vehicle training program safer and more cost-effective. The Oshkosh Virtual Trainer has been shown to reduce training time by two days compared to the traditional classroom approach – an efficiency that equates to a 20 percent or more cost savings per participant.

System Maintenance and Readiness Technical Videos (SMART-Vs)

Through a work directive with the Joint Program Office (JPO), Oshkosh is developing System Maintenance and Readiness Technical Videos (SMART-Vs) that augment vehicle technical manuals while providing a familiar, comfortable learning environment. To date, Oshkosh has developed SMART-Vs that walk operators or maintainers through the following JLTV processes: Brake Caging, Jacking & Supporting and Alternator Removal & Replacement.

JLTV Driving Simulator

With our partner, Doron Precision Systems, Oshkosh developed a JLTV Driving Simulator. The simulator has been customized with real JLTV components, on and off-road visualizations, various terrain options, and realistic sounds and motions to provide an authentic JLTV experience. 
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