Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV)

The National Advanced Mobility Consortium announced in April 2021 that is has selected Oshkosh Defense and partner, ST Engineering, to participate in the prototype phase for the U.S. Army’s Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV).  Oshkosh Defense and ST Engineering delivered two prototypes in June 2021 – one General Purpose and one Cargo vehicle for testing and Soldier evaluation.  The U.S. Army has announced plans to issue a follow-on production contract for up to 200 CATVs in FY22.

The Oshkosh CATV is an all-terrain tracked vehicle capable of operating in extreme cold weather or arctic conditions, ready to quickly address the Small Unit Support Vehicle (SUSV) obsolescence by providing Soldiers with a technically mature and operationally ready vehicle.

Built on the all-terrain capability of ST Engineering’s Bronco Family of Vehicles (FoV), the Oshkosh CATV is a versatile, transportable platform with tremendous growth potential.  The Bronco FoV has the following capabilities to help accomplish the diversity of an Arctic dominance mission:

  • Exceptional on-and-off road mobility
  • Designed to effortlessly conquer over 80% of the world’s most difficult terrain including swamps, deserts, and snow
  • Ability to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Ability to perform amphibious missions by swimming or traversing other water obstacles
  • Higher payload capacity and spacious cabs accommodate Soldiers, equipment, and cargo to provide total support for mission requirements
  • The rear chassis accepts both the General Purpose and Cargo mission modules without having to de-couple the rear car – increasing overall platform flexibility
  • Growth potential to accommodate higher payloads or additional capabilities
Oshkosh Defense