Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical TruckHEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker)

HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker)HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker)

Performance To Meet The Most Challenging Recovery Missions.

Oshkosh Defense® HEMTT A4 M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker).

The Oshkosh® HEMTT A4 recovery truck, or wrecker, offers heavy-duty power and extreme performance for the most difficult recovery missions. It has the maneuverability to traverse any type of terrain and the power to recover vehicles weighing in excess of ten tons (9072 kg), even those mired in mud, sand, water or snow. Manufactured with rugged, durable components, including a heavy-duty crane and winch retrieval system, the HEMTT A4 recovery truck is built for high-performance, long-lasting duty. An anti-lock braking system, traction control and air-ride suspension provide easy navigation over any type of terrain, and the large cab offers substantial space for crew members.

  • Includes a crane and winch retrieval system
  • Lift-and-tow system allows recovery of disabled vehicles in as little as two to three minutes
  • Able to recover vehicles weighing in excess of 10 tons (9072 kg)
  • Large, climate-controlled, armor-ready cab
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