PLS Trailer

Specifically designed for interoperability with Palletized Load System (PLS) vehicles, the Oshkosh® PLS M1076 trailer (PLST) offers military personnel the versatility, reliability and performance needed to support transportation missions, even those in the most hazardous environments. A three-axle trailer with the ability to carry an 8×20 foot flatrack with a 16.5-ton payload, it can accommodate both fully- and partially-loaded flatracks and be loaded directly from the PLS truck using the Load Handling System (LHS) – increasing mission efficiency while decreasing personnel fatigue.



PLS vehicle interoperability

Fully- & partially- loaded flatracks

Two position drawbar & inter-vehicular connecting cables

Loaded from PLS LHS

Self-adjusting slack adjusters

Parking & emergency brakes on all axles

Built to last with rugged, durable components, the PLST offers the consistent reliability, extreme durability and high performance of the PLS vehicles it supports – on each and every mission.

Oshkosh Defense