Heavy Equipment TransporterHET


Keep Pace With Rapidly Moving Forces.

Oshkosh Defense® Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET).

The Oshkosh® Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) sets the benchmark in performance and mobility for transport systems. Engineered to provide responsive, rapid movement of mission-critical equipment, both the HET A1 and Global HET take command of even the harshest terrain to assure equipment gets where it needs to be, every time it needs to be there.

A 700 horsepower Caterpillar® C18 engine provides 200 more horsepower than the original HET. And a single-speed transfer case eliminates the need to stop and shift for operation on grades. The HET dramatically reduces wear and tear on heavy equipment, cuts transportation costs and reduces team member fatigue. It is the efficient, versatile, durable, high-performing heavy equipment transporter forces can rely on to get them the equipment they need for mission success.

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