The lightweight vehicle that adapts to the mission.

Support the urgent flexibility needs of specialized operations with the versatile Oshkosh Defense Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV). The S-ATV was built to provide the advanced performance needed for Special Reconnaissance, Counterinsurgency Operations, Long Range Surveillance, Site Seizure and Direct Combat operations.

Speed when missions follow the open road. Agility and durability when operations encounter the roughest terrain. The configurable, lightweight Oshkosh S-ATV is dependable on-and off-road, meeting the demands of a wide range of special operations. 


Unmatched Capability

25 in. (43.8 cm) wheel travel

70% off-road mission profile

Unmatched sand & soft soil mobility

Helicopter transportable

Fixed-wing aircraft transportable

Amphibious transportable

The S-ATV’s world-class suspension system has been proven to maximize mobility over the most rugged off-road terrain, completing the 400-hour NATO durability test. And its lightweight configuration was specifically designed to allow both external and internal helicopter transportability, as well as transport by CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters; C-130, C-5, C-17 and A400 Cargo fixed-wing aircraft.


Scalable Crew Protection

Rugged, roll-over protected frame

Integrated mounting provisions

Wide variety of armaments

Wide variety of ballistic protection options

The S-ATV’s modular design allows forces to rapidly reconfigure seating and upgrade for a multitude or armaments, ballistic and blast protection with integrated ready mounts.



Complete C4ISR capabilities

Fully integrated C4ISR

90 mph (145 km/h) max

Turbocharged Duramax Diesel engine

4,250 lbs. (1927.7 kg) payloads

The S-ATV’s systems engineering approach delivers the utmost in operational flexibility for any specialized operation. Featuring plug and play C4ISR capabilities, it provides troops with a modular, rapidly reconfigurable and extremely capable platform.

Oshkosh Defense