Logistics Vehicle System ReplacementLVSR


Redefine Performance For The Heavy Fleet.

Oshkosh Defense® Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR).

The unmatched mobility and multiple capabilities of the Oshkosh® Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) make it critical to mission success. With a 22.5-ton (20412 kg) on-road/16.5-ton (14969 kg) off-road payload and 600 horsepower diesel engine, it has the capacity and power to carry whatever the mission requires. It can haul flatracks, ISO containers, bridging equipment, boats and fuel containers. And it even loads and unloads flatracks from trailers towed by the LVSR. All adapters and lift hardware are stored on the vehicle, providing immediate operational availability.

The LVSR complements the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) fleet, creating a logistical tandem that ensures the continued maneuverability of forces. It incorporates the TAK-4® independent suspension system and has parts commonality and similar maintenance to streamline service and support, reduce downtime and increase efficiencies. For the most sophisticated missions in the most challenging environments, the LVSR provides the power and performance military personnel can rely on.

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