Wheeled Tanker

Wheeled TankerWheeled TankerWheeled Tanker

Expanding Capabilities. Supporting The Mission.

The Oshkosh Defense® Wheeled Tanker.

The Oshkosh® wheeled tanker, designed for the UK Ministry of Defence and available in the United States, is a highly reliable, high-performing tactical vehicle vital to supporting forward locations. The 3,960-gallon Tactical Aircraft Refueller, 5,280-gallon Close Support Tanker and 4,755-gallon Close Support Tanker for Water are all towed by the 6×6 Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) tractor – a combat-proven vehicle that provides rugged reliability, performance and maneuverability. It significantly expands the on- and off-road supply capabilities of the tankers. Even in the harshest terrain, in the most extreme environments, the wheeled tankers will be there to support the mission.

  • TAK-4® independent suspension system
  • All-wheel drive
  • Transportable by C-130 aircraft
  • Parts and tools commonality simplifies training, increases interoperability and reduces spare parts storage

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