Unmanned Ground Vehicle TechnologyTerraMax®

Terramax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle TechnologyTerramax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle TechnologyTerramax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle TechnologyUnmanned Ground VehicleTerramax™ Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

When You’d Rather Not Send Anyone.

Oshkosh Defense® Terramax® Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology.

Operator Control Unit & Interface

Operator Control Unit & Interface

Oshkosh® TerraMax® unmanned ground vehicle technology integrates high-power military computers, intelligence, drive-by-wire technology and state-of-the-art distributed sensing systems to make unmanned ground vehicles run with no driver and limited supervision. TerraMax technology is available in kit form, so the original utility of the vehicle, crew comfort and payload capacity remain unhindered. And, depending on strategic field objectives, TerraMax technology is capable of a full range of operability – manned, tele-op, leader-follower and full autonomy.

  • Modular system which can be integrated onto any military vehicle
  • Command Zone computer controlled, multiplexed electronics technology operates and diagnoses all by-wire vehicle systems
  • Robust, multi-modal sensor suite consisting of LIDAR, radar, vision and military grade Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • Operator Control Unit (OCU) allows operators to create/load route information and observe/manage internal operations and autonomous systems status
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