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Oshkosh Truck Rolls Out Next Generation of Command Zone™ Advanced Electronics System to Military Market

OSHKOSH, WIS. (October 21, 2002) – Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NYSE: OSK], a diversified manufacturer of specialty trucks and truck bodies, has introduced the next generation of its patented Command Zone™ system. Command Zone is a computer controlled, multiplexed electronics system that operates and diagnoses all major vehicles systems. The new system will be on display at the Association of the United States Army conference show in Washington, D.C., October 21 – 23.

“Command Zone electronics improves control of all truck operating systems to enhance performance, prognostics and diagnostics, akin to the way that the military commands its troops and assets in the field for optimum performance. It also helps reduce life cycle costs,” said Robert G. Bohn, Oshkosh’s chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Oshkosh first introduced this truck technology in 1999, and due to its success in demanding fire service applications, we brought this system to our military and other commercial customers. Today, we already have this latest technology, while others are struggling to get started,” Bohn continued.

Oshkosh has implemented advances in electronics engineering and components to dramatically upgrade and harden the system’s capabilities for military operations:

· Improved local diagnostics allow the operator to access vital vehicle information — via laptop, on-board display screens or hand-held, personal digital device – to repair or troubleshoot the vehicle. Built-in diagnostic software allows maintenance personnel to pinpoint problem areas within minutes, and even e-mail this information anywhere in the world.

· Enhanced remote diagnostics improve the military’s “reach back” readiness, allowing expert technicians to perform vehicle diagnostics long-distance, using modem, satellite or radio telecommunications technology.

· Envelope control is inherent to the upgraded Command Zone system. The system can be programmed to operate only within established safety parameters. For example, on the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) wrecker variant, to protect vehicle stability, the crane cannot be deployed beyond certain angles.

· Automatic electrical power management prioritizes system load to prevent interruption of critical operating systems at peak load. It also eliminates line surges during systems’ startup so breakers and fuses are less likely to blow.

· The Command Zone system delivers real-time information on defense truck performance and operation, known as health and usage monitoring in military circles. The system can store operating information such as engine, transmission, vehicle speed, braking, accelerometer ratings and more. Analysis of this information helps improve driver training and preventative maintenance.

· Battlefield survivability is enhanced with a redundant network, which provides for continued system operation, even when one network line is damaged.

· The system features commercially available data formats, which means that standard components, such as PCs and hand held devices, can be economically used with the system.

Beyond these major enhancements, the Command Zone system is dramatically more reliable than conventional electrical systems, with a significantly smaller logistics footprint due to the availability of new electronic components and a reduction in connections and components overall. It typically has hundreds fewer parts and connections than a convention electrical system so it also weighs less.

Robust design, parts commonality and exhaustive testing help assure reliability for the Command Zone system. The system has been tested for operation in all environments – off road, extreme temperatures, salt water, electronic jamming. It’s even been tested to withstand nuclear effects.

Members of Oshkosh’s engineering development team will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate remote prognostic and diagnostic Command Zone electronics using wireless technology.

The backbone of the Command Zone information system is multiplexing, a technology proven in the automotive industry. Multiplexing is a technique of computerizing an electrical system to allow vehicle components to work together. It uses a computer network, similar to a PC, rather than a complicated wire harness with separate wire circuits. The system lets the truck “speak” with the engine, transmission and other systems.

Oshkosh has fielded more than 1500 trucks equipped with Command Zone electronics.

Oshkosh Truck Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialty trucks and truck bodies for the defense, fire and emergency, concrete placement and refuse hauling markets. Oshkosh Truck is a Fortune 1000 company with products marketed under the Oshkosh, Pierce, McNeilus, Medtec, Geesink and Norba brand names. The company is headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, with major operations in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden and Mexico. Annual sales were $1.45 billion in fiscal 2001. # # #